Ryanair trolls passenger after they complain about ‘window seat’

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A passenger who says they paid for a window seat on a Ryanair flight was trolled by the airline after complaining on social media.

Posting a photograph on Twitter, user @MartaVerse wrote “Seriously @Ryanair, I paid for the window seat,” posting a photo of the plane’s cabin door to the right of their seat.

In a light-hearted reply, the airline pointed out - using an annotated photograph - that the passenger was in fact next to something which did resemble a window.

It posted the same photo, ringing a small porthole-style round window found in its plane exit doors.

Social media users were divided between celebrating and criticising Ryanair’s response, with one user joking: "There’s no such thing as customer service anymore and it’s great."

Another wrote: “As always, Ryanair prepared to step it up a level if needed - if you don’t like it, here’s the door! I’d have just gone straight to that so I admire your patience."

A third said "Omg haha I hate Ryanair but I love Ryanair.”

Some pointed out that the budget airline’s low fares suggested upgrades and luxurious amenities onboard would be minimal.

One wrote: "Why do people complain using Ryanair? They are cheap for a reason, that’s why you’re not getting British Airways.”

It isn’t the first time a Ryanair flight has sparked debate between travellers on social media.

Just last week a travel-loving couple took to TikTok to criticise Ryanair for what they called “the dirtiest flight ever” in a viral video that has had over two million views.

TikTok users @ScottandSals, who post videos of their holidays and adventures, named and shamed the budget airline as they filmed navy plane seats and carpet sprinkled with crushed crisps or biscuits.

“We boarded the dirtiest Ryanair flight ever today...” the pair captioned the video.

“Cabin crew told us they don’t clean between flights.”

The airline’s social media team has become known for its cheeky communications style and quickfire responses to current affairs.

In December it issued a scathing tweet mocking Boris Johnson over the government’s Christmas party controversy.

The airline’s Twitter team last week posted about an onboard “Cabin crew selfie with new PM Liz Truss”, attaching an image of the Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi.

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